Discover the nomadic culture

Go off the beaten track and discover the lifestyle of the nomads of the Sahara. Share their daily life populated by camels, ancestral customs and cultural folklore. You will gradually become aware of the wealth and depth of the nomadic people..

Characteristics of the circuit:

Dates: To define

Number of activity days: 4.5 days of walking.

Number of participants: 5 to 15 participants

Level: easy, low elevation. No specific training required.

Duration of stages: + -5 hours per day

Nature of the land: Large Saharan areas and sand dunes.


- 2 nights in a large traditional tent (or individual igloo tents *) at the Sahraoui Village in Dakhla.

- 4 nights in bivouac, in double tent *, erected and dismantled by each participant.

Each tent is allocated to 2 people * at the start of the trip who are responsible for it throughout the hike. Your guide will help and advise you at the start of the hike. A tent for cooking and a large tent with mats for meals. A simple WC tent (screen) will be installed by the local team in the evening at the bivouac.


* Single tent: The request for a single tent must be made upon registration.



During the hike, meals are prepared by a cook. We do our best to bring you a varied, tasty, balanced and Moroccan food.

Breakfast: bread, jam, honey, milk, tea, instant coffee, chocolate, cheese and dried fruit.

Lunch: various cooked salads, seasonal fruit, Sahrawi tea.

Dinner: hot Sahrawi dish or pasta dish, dessert, herbal tea.

Dessert and for some snacks: pancakes, apple fritters, seasonal fruit salads, cinnamon oranges, dates, rice pudding.


Each day, during the walk, dried fruits are provided. Dinners are served in the lounge tent.



We encourage the use of purified water for ecological reasons, in particular that of avoiding pollution by plastic waste in natural spaces. Refueling is therefore done by our local team with spring or well water. This water is usable and drinkable after adding lozenges, Micropur type, which you will have taken care to bring with you (do not forget your bottle, preferably insulated). You will however be able to buy bottled mineral water before the first bivouac. These bottles can be transported by the team (subject to a reasonable quantity).



Your french speaking Sahrawi guide is a full-fledged collaborator of the Sahraoui Village. Attentive, efficient, professional, anxious to make discover its region with all the respect and the necessary attention. He is assisted by a cook and camel drivers. They are always available to help you, and their good humor is matched only by their thoughtfulness ...


Transfer and transport of luggage Minibus and camels.


Air transport:

Royal Air Maroc or other airline serving the destination. Do not hesitate to ask us.


Useful information:

Your guide is waiting for you at the airport


In the Sahara, you can take a minimum of water in the jerry cans for a "micro" toilet. Provide liquid soap without rinsing and a vegetable sponge to limit your water consumption, as well as wet wipes for days without the possibility of refueling at a well.

Please note that water will also be used sparingly for showers in camps.